Susanne  Reiterer, MA. DSc.




Brain and Bilingualism


The Neurobiological Basis of Language Learning and Language Aptitude


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Lecture in Bratislava Mai 6th 04
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99-03 Vienna Brain Research Institute

03- University of Tübingen, Neuroradiology, Section of Experimental MR of the CNS

04- IMS Stuttgart


ready for a brain scan?



DFG-project "language talent and the brain"



Homepage of the Vienna  Neurocognitive Program: paintings, cartoons, and design

Homepage of the Vienna Brain Research Institute: intro painting

More paintings:

<>  The first attempts

<>  The process of generation

<>  The church of St. Lorenzen through the seasons

<>  My homeland perspectives

<>  Various other views

<>  Tübingen

<>  Drawings

other hobbies: singing and more singing

1999 - 2003 leader of the "Hifo-Singers"- choir of the Vienna Brain Research Institute

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oil on canvas (120 x 80cm) 2001



oil on canvas (70 x 50cm) 2000